3 in 1 White Coffee

Slim Caffe Latte

Handy Pack (2 Sticks x 30g)

High Dietary Fibre

A blend of Dark-roasted Fusion Coffee combined with reduced-fat creamer and natural sweetener. Specially formulated for those in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and weight control with lower fat, calories and Glycemic Index. High dietary fibre helps improve digestive system and clean after-taste to refresh yourself. Wholesome benefits, same great coffee taste!

Slim – Handy Pack

Real Bean! Real Coffee!

Unveiling the premium taste of Caffebene WHITE COFFEE. A fresh Fusion Coffee brew with micro-sized beans processed with cutting-edge Fusion Technology. This helps to retain the aromatic profile of the beans for maximum freshness, thus reproducing a natural, café-styled coffee taste. The “Real Bean” sediment in your cup is a testament to our effort to serve real coffee.